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Joshua Moore
Joshua Moore

Where To Buy Karate Uniform Near Me

The three main cuts of karate gi are Kata, European and Japanese.[5] The Japanese cut has short sleeves and trousers for less restriction. This cut also has a longer lapel that prevents it from riding up over the belt (obi). The Kata cut is very rare. It has even shorter sleeves and is chosen more for aesthetic appeal. European Cut has longer sleeves and trouser. The lapel is shorter. This cut again is chosen for aesthetic appeal. Karate uniforms come in a wide array of colours. Most Karateka still wear white. Some clubs use a system of differing colours to differentiate students from instructors.

where to buy karate uniform near me

Different styles of Karate have slightly different uniforms though all share the same basic design, differing only in the lengths of sleeves, legs and the skirt of the uwagi (jacket). Many karateka tend to wear their obi (belt) much longer than judoka and other martial artists.[6]

Since our establishment in 1972 we have been manufacturing the highest quality karate uniforms on the market. Our Cobra White Karate Uniform is made from an 8 oz cotton/polyester blend whereas the industry standard for a Classic White Student Gi is 7 or 6 oz. The Cobra White Karate Uniform was designed for students of the past, present and future with a gusseted crotch for wide stances and ease of movement. It is a traditional cut gi, with traditional jacket tie closures and the pants come with an elastic waistband and adjustable drawstrings. The Cobra White Karate Uniform has been an industry leader for over 40 years, often imitated but never duplicated.

You can clearly see by examining a Shureido Karate uniform that attention to detail goes into every uniform. Every Gi is made in Okinawa, with superior craft and using the best in sewing techniques and material. The result is excellent looking Karate uniforms that are durable and resistant. While the classic karate gi has seen many variations in fabric and stitching, Shureido's basic design has remained untouched for years.

The pantsThe pants are simply excellent and are, in my opinion, the best selling point of this uniform. They are incredibly comfy, and they move with you very well. Most importantly, they tie exceptionally well, without friction. I have not seen pants like this anywhere else.The ventilationUnlike the vast majority of Karate uniform, the Seishin Gi contains several ventilation areas on the leg and jacket, which actively help to cool the practitioner during practice. These air ventilation pockets are placed in both the crotch and the armpit of the Seishin jacket and pants, giving the uniform enhanced breathability.

There are many reasons why buying a high-quality Karate uniform is a great idea, but of course, these uniforms can be pricey, but it's totally worth the money. Here are the most common reasons why buying a high-quality karate-gi is an excellent idea if you are a serious practitioner.

Cheap uniforms can sometimes last only a few months. Heavyweight high-quality Karate uniforms are durable, often lasting up to 10 years of active use if taken care of properly. I kept my Shureido for at least 11 years before I bought a Seishin Uniform. Karate-gis are made from a canvas style cloth because of its ability to stand up to considerable amounts of rigorous application and abuse without restricting the mobility of the karateka.

Let's face it, if you're a serious karateka, you put a lot of demand on your gi. That's precisely why you need a high-quality uniform with heavy lapel and reinforced stitching at crucial grip points for increased durability. If you're like me, you probably ripped off a sleeve once or twice, that's why you need solid stitching. Some brands have six lines of stitching for the collar and seven lines of stitching in the pants - they won't rip easily and will last for years.

I'm sure I'm not the only one, but one of the most frustrating things for me about cheap Karate uniform is the fact that the pants are often tough to tie. I mean, you have to fight with the ties to attach them at the waist. Not only that, some cheap Gi even have the loop (where you pass the cord in) right in the middle of the pants and you have to tie them up on the side! How bad design is that? The high-end karate uniforms that I have chosen to put in this list all have pants that are easy to tie and untie, especially the Seishin.

The weight of the material determines how rigid, sturdy, and durable the Karate-gi will be. Heavyweight karate uniforms weight around 1.8-1.9 kg and are worn by experienced practitioners, high ranked karateka or Masters. Because these Karate-gi are made with heavier fabrics, they feel more rigid, thicker, and robust than the two others. These uniforms can last a long time. 041b061a72


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