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Aashiqon Ko Jalana Buri Baat Hai: A Romantic Musical Drama - Filmibeat

Download the Love of Aashiqon Ko Jalana Buri Baat Hai 3gp

If you are looking for a romantic and musical movie to watch with your loved one, you might want to download the love of Aashiqon Ko Jalana Buri Baat Hai 3gp. This is a Bollywood movie that was released in 2002 and features a love triangle between a singer, a dancer, and a businessman. The movie is full of melodious songs, beautiful scenes, and emotional moments that will touch your heart.

download the love of Aashiqon Ko Jalana Buri Baat Hai 3gp

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this movie, why you should download it in 3gp format, and how to enjoy it on your device. We will also provide you with some frequently asked questions and answers about this movie. So, let's get started!

What is Aashiqon Ko Jalana Buri Baat Hai?

Aashiqon Ko Jalana Buri Baat Hai is a Hindi-language movie that translates to "It's Bad to Burn Lovers" in English. It is a romantic drama that revolves around three main characters: Badar Ali Khan (played by Ali Asgar), Rani (played by Rani Chatterjee), and Raj (played by Raj Premi).

A brief summary of the movie

The movie begins with Badar Ali Khan, a famous singer who performs qawwalis (a form of Sufi devotional music) at various events. He is loved by his fans for his soulful voice and charismatic personality. He meets Rani, a dancer who works at a nightclub owned by Raj, a wealthy businessman. Badar falls in love with Rani at first sight and tries to woo her with his songs.

Rani also likes Badar but she is afraid of Raj, who is obsessed with her and wants to marry her. Raj does not like Badar and tries to sabotage his career and reputation. He also threatens Rani and her family if she does not agree to his proposal. Rani is torn between her love for Badar and her fear of Raj.

The movie follows the twists and turns in their love triangle as they face various challenges and obstacles. Will Badar and Rani be able to unite against Raj's evil plans? Will Raj succeed in separating them forever? Will they find their true happiness in each other? You will have to watch the movie to find out!

The cast and crew of the movie

The movie was directed by Javed Raza and produced by K.C. Bokadia. The screenplay was written by Javed Raza and Nasir Hyderabadi. The music was composed by Badar Ali Khan himself, who also sang most of the songs in the movie. The lyrics were written by Nasir Hyderabadi, who also wrote the screenplay. The movie stars Ali Asgar, Rani Chatterjee, and Raj Premi in the lead roles. Ali Asgar is a popular comedian and actor who has appeared in many TV shows and movies. Rani Chatterjee is a Bhojpuri actress who has worked in more than 50 films. Raj Premi is a Bollywood actor who has played negative roles in many movies.

The songs and music of the movie

The movie has six songs that are composed and sung by Badar Ali Khan. The songs are a mix of qawwalis, ghazals, and romantic numbers that suit the mood and theme of the movie. The songs are as follows:




Aashiqon Ko Jalana Buri Baat Hai

Nasir Hyderabadi


Dil Ka Dard Na Jane Koi

Nasir Hyderabadi


Hai Re Hai Re Tera Dil Mera Dil

Nasir Hyderabadi


Mere Dil Mein Tu Hi Tu Hai

Nasir Hyderabadi


Tere Ishq Mein Pagal Ho Gaya

Nasir Hyderabadi

6:24 b70169992d


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