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Does Coinstar Buy Gift Cards ^NEW^

To take advantage of this new program, customers visit a local Coinstar Center at supermarket locations offering the gift certificates redeemable on, which they can locate by visiting Users simply insert their coins into the machine -- or at many Coinstar Centers bills are accepted -- and then a receipt is printed with a redemption code that can be immediately used to make purchases at The redemption code is entered during's checkout procedure and the gift certificate amount is applied at the time of purchase, or the customer may also conveniently add any remaining amount to their Amazon account for later use. For standard coin to cash transactions Coinstar has a processing fee, however, when consumers turn their coin into an eCertificate or gift card, there is no fee to the consumer.

does coinstar buy gift cards

Coinstar's Coin to Card(TM) program introduced earlier this year allows consumers to convert loose change into a variety of gift cards and now gift certificates that are redeemable at The program is currently available at approximately 3,500 locations and is expected to reach 5,000 by the end of the year.

Instead of showing up with a bag of pennies for a door-buster deal, though, it's best to take a few extra steps to process that money. In the gift-giving spirit, I decided to try out one of those popular holiday tips: Convert your extra change to gift cards.

First, go online to find a Coinstar location that's offering a paper eCertificate for a retailer where you might shop or where your kids or friends might use a gift card. (Some kiosks, not in metro Detroit yet, now will offer a new way to convert old gift cards into cash. Coinstar has started to roll out such kiosks in select markets, including New York, across the U.S.)

There are plenty of websites to sell your gift cards, and each one is a little different. Some will let users bid on your gift card, while others will purchase it from you and then sell it themselves.

Coinstar will take a fee when converting change into cash but does not do so when converting change to a gift card. Coinstar also works with reloading prepaid debit cards, Paypal, and gift cards for many stores, including GameStop and Amazon.

As part of a bigger initiative from Coinstar, known for its ATM-like kiosks that allow customers to trade physical coins for cash or gift cards, and Coinme, a digital currency exchange, there are now 200 Coinstar kiosks that can be used to purchase bitcoin in Walmart stores across the country, Molly Blakeman, a communications director, told Money.

I really love this idea because I hate to be wasteful with gift cards and so many times I have ended up with cards I will never use and they either sit in a drawer or I just give them to someone else who may use them. This way you get some cash and you can put it towards something you would actually want to use! The Coinstar Exchange Kiosk is just as simple as the Coinstar Exchange coin machines. Remember that payout rates vary by retailer and this means that offers are different for each gift card. You can see on the website which retailers they take as well. There are TONS of options!

That is a really great option for people that could use some cash rather than some gift card to a restaurant or boutique. I personally use most of the gift cards I receive, but I can see how they would be useful. Thanks for sharing!

CardCash is the largest gift card exchange. CardCash sells gift cards at a discount up to 35% and buys gift cards up to 92% of face value. The Top 5 selling gift cards at Card Cash are Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Lowes and TJ Maxx. In 2013, CardCash raised $6 million in funding from Guggenheim. In 2014, CardCash acquired its largest competitor, Plastic Jungle. CardCash also has agreements for gift card exchange with Walmart, Amazon, CVS and United Airlines.

The maker of Coinstar kiosks (which convert coins to cash) and RedBox (DVD rental kiosks) now offers a kiosk to sell your gift cards for cash. Coinstar Exchange accepts gift cards from over 150 leading national retailers and restaurants, including Crate & Barrel, Hewlett Packard, Petco, Marriott, Gap, Walmart and others. While you need to visit the kiosk to convert a gift card to cash, the kiosk will pay you immediately (rather than waiting for a check or money transfer).

The bad news is that fraud may be on the rise. That seems counterintuitive as major credit and debit cards shift to more secure chip readers. However, many low-cost gift cards will not migrate to chip readers and still rely on more vulnerable magnetic strip technology, which is considered less secure and prone to fraud.

You sell or trade gift cards in several different ways. There are online gift card exchanges for the exact purpose of making this easier. You may also find that gift card selling websites offer ways to trade in, upgrade, or sell your unused gift cards.

Before you try to exchange gift cards, make sure that you check the balance. Always check the fine print to see if you are able to exchange for store credit or even redeem for cash. If not, there are still a few options to get the full value of the remaining balance of your gift cards.

Coinstar has changed how they do business including buying unwanted gift cards. In the updated business model, you cannot use Coinstar to sell unused gift cards. You can still earn gift cards by bringing your change to the kiosks in stores and other sites around the country.

Walmart sells many different gift cards including those to other retail stores, restaurants, and generic cards that can be used anywhere that credit cards are accepted. You cannot return or exchange gift cards to Walmart nor can you sell them for cash unless you are in a state that requires this to be an option.

Exchanging gift cards can be as simple as going to a website that does this, listing the card you have and the card you would like to have, and then waiting. You can exchange digital gift cards for physical gift cards for someone who does not like to shop online at all. You can trade gift cards from stores you never shop with to your favorite retailer.

You may find that there are fees that vary by whether you are buying, selling, or trading gift cards. The fees may also vary on whether it is a physical or digital gift card. All fees should be listed before you commit to using the site.

Some sites allow you to buy, sell, or exchange nearly any gift card while others may have limits like Gameflip which only allows video game cards. Most sites do accept all popular gift cards from major retailers. Several sites have limited cards and stores that they will accept cards from.

If you are selling gift cards for cash, money is probably the name of the game. But, did you know that some gift card sites will purchase your gift cards and give you cryptocurrency in exchange? Others may pay you by direct deposit or by check after confirming the details of the gift card.

If you are like me, you probably have a bunch of half used gift cards hanging around. There are very few options for these, but not anymore! I have always enjoyed using Coinstar (especially during the holidays, when I used saved up change to buy gift cards!), but now there is more to love with Coinstar Exchange Kiosks.

Coinstar works seamlessly with PayPal and the cost can be as little as 1 percent, still the best financial move is to cash in coins for gift cards. There is no fee and you can get more than just stuff. You can get prescriptions filled, hotel rooms and even play video games online.

\nCoinstar works seamlessly with PayPal and the cost can be as little as 1 percent, still the best financial move is to cash in coins for gift cards. There is no fee and you can get more than just stuff. You can get prescriptions filled, hotel rooms and even play video games online. \n

Did you know that you can actually exchange these for instant cash? Pretty awesome, right?! Now those unwanted gift cards never have to go to waste. Personally, I head out to a gift card exchange kiosk near me to swap them out for some extra cash in my pocket!

In fact, if more people knew about the advantages of a gift card kiosk, less money would be left on the table. According to a recent poll, more than half of U.S. adults (51%) get gift cards and forget to use them! This results in approximately $15.3 billion in value being left on the table!

EJ Gift Cards will pay you via PayPal within 24-72 hours, making it one of our TOP Picks for selling gift cards for cash online! So what are you waiting for? Get an instant offer for your unused gift cards now!

Previously known as Gift Card Spread (GC Spread), GiftCardOutlets allows you to sell your unused gift cards online by naming your own price! Unlike the other online options, you have more control over the selling price of your card!

They then insist that you send them a refund. Because you are not dealing with an actual middle-man who specializes in the buying and selling of gift cards (like all the other platforms above), you can end up in a sticky situation.

GiftCardBin accepts gift cards from over 600 merchants making it super easy to sell all your unwanted cards! They have several methods of purchasing your cards including in-person, as well as via text.

Yes, you read correctly. You can actually sell your gift cards by texting. But just in case texting to sell is not your cup of tea, you can find the nearest GiftCardBin location here. Just take your gift cards and a valid form of ID to any one of their 600 partner locations (may be one of the locations listed below), and collect your cash!

Most Walmart locations have a gift card kiosk on the inside or outside. This makes it easy to trade in your cards during your next grocery run. Simply use the kiosk to conduct your transaction and take your check inside to the cashier to redeem your cash instantly!

Many malls and shopping centers also have gift card exchange kiosks for your convenience. Look out for them the next time you visit. Selling gift cards for cash instantly has never been easier. Seriously! 041b061a72


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