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Buried Amongst the Begonias by Durty Nelly: A Lost Twilight Fanfiction

Buried Amongst the Begonias was a popular Twilight fanfiction written by Durty Nelly in 2010. It was a dark and twisted story that explored the relationship between Bella and Edward after he left her in New Moon. The fanfiction was hosted on, but it was taken down by the site for violating its terms of service. Since then, many fans have been searching for a copy of the story, but it seems to have disappeared from the internet.


In this article, we will try to find out more about this mysterious fanfiction, why it was removed, and where it can be found today.

What was Buried Amongst the Begonias about?

According to the summary on, Buried Amongst the Begonias was a story that followed Bella after Edward left her in the woods. She was depressed and suicidal, and she decided to move to Florida with her mother. There, she met a new friend named Jacob, who was not a werewolf, but a human. Jacob helped Bella cope with her pain, and they started a relationship. However, things took a dark turn when Edward returned to Forks and found out that Bella had moved on. He became obsessed with getting her back, and he stalked her and threatened her. He also killed Jacob and buried him amongst the begonias in Bella's backyard. The story ended with a cliffhanger, where Bella discovered Jacob's body and confronted Edward.

The fanfiction was rated M for mature, and it contained graphic scenes of violence, abuse, and sex. It was also very controversial, as it portrayed Edward as a villain and Jacob as a hero. Many fans of the original series were outraged by the story, and they accused Durty Nelly of bashing Edward and ruining his character. Some fans even reported the story to, claiming that it violated the site's rules on content and quality.

Why was Buried Amongst the Begonias removed?

The exact reason why Buried Amongst the Begonias was removed from is unknown, as Durty Nelly never explained it. However, there are some possible theories:

  • Durty Nelly deleted the story herself, either because she was tired of the hate comments, or because she wanted to publish it as an original work.

  • deleted the story because it received too many reports from angry fans, or because it violated its terms of service on content and quality.

  • The story was removed by a third party, such as Stephenie Meyer or her publishers, who claimed that it infringed their intellectual property rights.

None of these theories have been confirmed or denied by Durty Nelly or, so they remain as speculation.

Where can Buried Amongst the Begonias be found today?

Since Buried Amongst the Begonias was removed from, many fans have been looking for a copy of the story online. However, it seems that the story has been erased from most websites and archives. The only known source where the story can be found today is on the Wayback Machine, which is a website that archives old versions of web pages. There, one can access a cached version of the page where Buried Amongst the Begonias was hosted. However, this version is incomplete, as it only contains 18 chapters out of 22. The last four chapters are missing, and no one knows what happened to them.

Some fans have also claimed that they have downloaded or printed copies of the story before it was removed, but they have not shared them publicly. Therefore, it is very hard to find a complete version of Buried Amongst the Begonias today.


Buried Amongst the Begonias by Durty Nelly was a popular and controversial Twilight fanfiction that explored a dark and twisted scenario where Edward became obsessed with Bella after leaving her in New Moon. The fanfiction was removed from in 2010, and since then, it has been very hard to find online. The only known source where the story can be accessed is on the Wayback Machine, but it is incomplete. The story remains as a mystery and a legend among Twilight fans, who still wonder what happened to it and how it ended.


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