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The epic showdown between Kenobi and Vader is an instant classic in the entire Star Wars franchise and is a big part of why the season finale is so gratifying.Binge all episodes of Obi-Wan Kenobi on Disney+.Watch Now:Powered byJustWatch

[S1E6] Part VI

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Catherine walks through the adulation and admiration she is owed, calling out Lords for particular greeting and spotting Ambassador Mendoza in the crowd. Anne has to curtsey as Catherine passes her, but the Lord that rushed off to greet Catherine also made sure to tip his hat to Anne once Catherine had passed.

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In 1996, a new law mandated that the police go beyond tracking offenders and notify communities of their presence. In 2006, yet another law expanded the list of crimes that could land a person on a registry and required the most serious offenders to remain registered for life. Most recently, President Obama signed yet another law mandating that the passports of some sex offenders be particularly marked.

There is surprisingly little data about child abductions. Police agencies are not required to report them to the FBI, and many studies use different definitions of what a child abduction entails. One Justice Department study estimated that in 1999 there were between 60 and 170 "stereotypical kidnappings" in the United States, that is, children taken by a stranger and transported more than 50 miles, detained overnight, held for ransom, intended to be kept permanently or killed.

In an effort to provide more useful information to law enforcement agencies, the Department of Justice Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention and the Washington state attorney general have been sponsoring a long-running data collection. Started in the 1990s and updated in 2006, the study has looked specifically at child abduction murders, setting out to help the police solve such cases. It is being updated again under the direction of Katherine Brown, an assistant professor of criminal justice at Tarleton State University in Fort Worth, Texas.

The U.S. Department of Justice's guidelines for what to do if you are a victim of sexual abuse or assault or if you know someone who is, including practical advice, hotline contacts, and other resources.

Aboard Roken's ship, Haja has spoken with Leia and gives Kenobi space to talk to her. While Leia is upset that Kenobi won't be coming home with her, she reluctantly accepts Kenobi's decision. Kenobi tells Leia to tell her father Senator Bail Prestor Organa about his efforts to rescue her. Kenobi also hands Leia the late Tala Durith's empty gun holster as a parting present. The two embrace and Leia tells Kenobi to come back. Before leaving, he resolves to face Vader one more time, even if it leads to his death.

Reva enters the inner courtyard of the Lars homestead and ignites her lightsaber. Owen and Beru open fire on Reva, blasting her. Reva deflects their blasts with the lightsaber. Meanwhile, Kenobi and Vader continue fighting on the rocky moon. Kenobi attempts to collapse a pinnacle on Vader, who notices that his strength has returned. Vader uses the Force to hurl part of the monolith back at Kenobi before the two cross blades. Vader uses the Force to cause the ground beneath Kenobi to collapse. He then attempts to bury his former master under the rocks. Believing himself victorious, Vader taunts Kenobi for thinking he could defeat him.

Vader replies that he is not his failure and that Kenobi did not kill Anakin. With a feral smile, Vader replies that he killed Anakin and vows to destroy Kenobi as well. Kenobi's anguish turns to resignation and he forlornly responds that his friend is truly dead before bidding the Dark Lord farewell. As Kenobi leaves, Vader calls out to him while rising to his feet. He screams Kenobi's name once again in helpless fury as Kenobi departs the rocky moon in his starship.

Kenobi tells Leia that she is wise, discerning, and kindhearted, which he describes as qualities from her mother. He also describes Leia as passionate, fearless, and forthright, which he attributes to her father. He tells Leia that her parents were exceptional people who bore an exceptional daughter. Before departing, Kenobi tells Leia that she can turn to him for help but stresses the need to be careful. Leia and her adoptive parents watch as Kenobi departs on his ship.

Back on Tatooine, Kenobi departs his cave with a toy in his rucksack. He rides on an eopie towards the Lars homestead, where Luke is playing. Owen asks what Kenobi is doing here. Kenobi accepts that Luke should be allowed to grow up like any ordinary boy. He also allows Owen to remain Luke's protector, which he vows to. Owen allows Kenobi to meet Luke. After meeting Luke, Kenobi rides back on his eopie into the desert. 041b061a72


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