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Giving CoupleSets Ring to a Woman: What Does it mean?

Jewelry is usually a good investment, regardless of the design or cost. Given as gifts or handed through generations the jewelry they hold holds memories, stories, memories... Rings for women are no exception to the rule. When gifting a ring an individual, it's crucial to keep in mind the meaning of these jewels. Indeed, by forgetting what is hidden behind the ring, it's possible to mislead the individual who is receiving it. You might also mistranslate your own thoughts and intentions. Here's a brief explanation of what is the significance of an ring that is presented to a woman as a gift.

Symbolism of the ring

In the beginning, let's return to the meaning of the rings. Rings, regardless of the material from which it is constructed is often regarded as a symbol of eternal beginnings. In many cultures, the circle cycle, and round... represent the idea of eternality and infinity. Since time immemorial we have presented rings to our loved people as a sign of eternal commitment. The wedding ring or engagement ring is a jewel piece that symbolizes the bond of love between two individuals. This may also extend to friendship rings that can be given to friends as a way to strengthen their bonds.

The circle can also be a symbol of belonging. The ring that one wears serves as a token of acknowledgement between members of the same community, of the same group... The same is true for University rings, signet ring, Masonic rings...

A ring for woman is thus something that is not always insignificant. It is all about who you present it to and the specific circumstances.

An eternal love signification

Giving a ring to your beloved lady will be an indisputable symbol of your affection for her. A solitaire diamond set on an engraved gold ring is the ideal present to propose an engagement. Diamonds symbolize quality and enduring. Wedding rings, this simple band of platinum or gold and sometimes adorned with precious stones, is the emblem of an everlasting marriage.

The ring is the perfect present to show your love. Make sure the woman you are giving it to knows your motives.

A proof of friendship

It is possible to present rings to girls without any romantic meaning. To avoid creating an awkwardness it is best to keep away solitaire rings as well as wedding rings. Provide a costume ring friendship ring, or an original piece of jewelry which is different from the usual jewelry used for marriage and engagement.

This kind of ring could be given to mark occasions like such as a birthday celebration or Christmas.

To express affection

Finally, giving a woman a ring can also be considered a simple gesture of love. Jewelry is often given as a Mother's Day gift, Valentine's Day present, Christmas or birthday present. You can also choose designs that differ from traditional wedding and engagement rings. You can select rings with embellishments and gemstones, geometric designs, or even precious stones.


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