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Joshua Moore
Joshua Moore

The Ultimate Elder Scrolls Experience: How to Install and Play the Elder Scrolls Mod for Mount and Blade Warband

It all comes down to how you tackle it. To quote Machinima, 'pokemon games have used this dynamic duo strategy for years', because this works. Mount and Blade Warband Elder Scrolls Mod Mount&Blade

mount and blade warband elder scrolls mod

As a modding community, theres an incredible depth and breadth to the user base who is working on full-conversion mods for The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. A large part of this community is focused around discussion around gameplay and modding, but a huge chunk of this audience has also taken steps to enhance their otherwise vanilla Skyrim experience with things like overhauled character races, itemization, and a multitude of new gameplay features. The videos below discuss some of these, and the full list is available on the Skyrim Ultimate Edition website.

Were huge fans of storytelling in Elder Scrolls games, and it would be interesting to see how the writers would handle a setting thats nearly a hundred years beyond the storied events of Morrowind.

If you love to play mods, but you havent modded an Elder Scrolls game before, you dont know what youre missing. Modding can be its own experiencea thrill, a reward, and a learning experience.

Next up is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Nexus Mod, by the same team. Here we find a few options that are very similar to Nexus Mod. Since Skyrim is a massively multiplayer game, we have the ability to have multiple save games, all on the same game. So, each user has their own experience. If one person needs to throw some duels in, there are no interruptions to the others experience.


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