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Bigg Boss 16 Today [PATCHED]

In the episode of Bigg Boss 16 that aired today, Salman Khan and the other housemates celebrate the festival of Lohri with special guests Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbachiyaa. As the episode ends, Salman informs Sreejita that she will be eliminated from the race due to receiving the least votes.

Bigg Boss 16 Today

Here you will find the poll where you can add your vote in bigg boss 16 voting poll. This online voting poll is conducted by and is not an official voting poll. But with this pole, you will be able to easily predict the members who are going to be evicted and who is more and who is less popular in the house.

Bigg boss is a top-rated reality tv show in India. People also call it the most controversial tv show in India. This is obvious as we get to a lot of drama and fights in the bigg boss house. Bigg Boss conducts a public voting poll every week for the elimination. Then the audience can go and vote for their favourite contestant through the voting methods. Mainly there are two methods of bigg boss voting.

But we will discuss all the methods like bigg boss online voting (google), bigg boss missed call voting, bigg boss SMS voting, etc. So if you want to know more information about Bigg Boss Voting Process then we will suggest you keep reading this article.

Above is the bigg boss vote poll for bigg boss season 16 (Hindi). This is where you can easily predict the contestants who are highly popular and loved by the audience. With bigg boss vote poll, you can already predict the contestant who is going to win the title of bigg boss winner!

Bigg Boss Voting Online Google: Do you know that you can directly vote in bigg boss voting directly through Google? bigg boss has partnered up with google to directly conduct voting polls on the Google search page itself.

This method of bigg boss voting method is popular and very old. many people already know about this voting method. Bigg Boss missed call voting process: Each nominated contestant is assigned a unique call number on which the audience can give a missed call and their vote will be registered for the contestant which they called for.

Each week few of the contestants get nominated for elimination. After this Bigg Boss Displays the assigned missed call number for each of the nominated contestants. You can find the assigned phone number for all the contestants here on bigg boss vote as well.

You can use the voot platform to add your vote in bigg boss (Hindi). This voting method is exclusive to bigg boss Hindi version (the original one). With this method, Colors uses its voot platform to conduct its voting polls.

Want to know who are the contestants of Bigg Boss Season 16? Below is the complete list of Bigg boss contestants of 2020. Find all the details about Bigg boss 16 contestants! We have to try to cover all the contestants in detail in this table like their professions and all. We will be covering more about each contestant in dedicated articles.

Salman then said that he will finally announce the name of the contestant from the nominated list who will be evicted today. As all housemates were irked over Gautam's decision and expecting his name, Salman announced the name of Gautam. But later said that Gautam is safe and can continue with his captaincy task. This is the second time when Gautam has become the captain of the house.

The most recent elimination round of Bigg boss 16 elimination shocked everyone. Abdu Rozik, Sajid Khan, and Sreejita De left the Big Boss in this recent elimination. There are several reasons behind the elimination of these contestants. Voting, results, and performance in tasks are some of the factors considered in the elimination criteria.

The Bigg boss 16 elimination of three contestants in a short period has raised fear in the hearts of other contestants. Every housemate is trying to keep him/her safe but the fate of the remaining contestants will be decided through voting, results, their performance, and their behavior towards each other. This elimination round has also raised many questions. Several controversies could be an answer to these questions.

In this blog, we have not only talked about the Big Boss show but we have thrown light on the Bigg boss 16 elimination round too. We discussed the concept of the show and the current season of Big Boss. 100-plus episodes of the show have already been broadcasted on Colors TV. Now the upcoming episodes will decide the winner of this show.

We hope that our readers have enjoyed reading this blog about Bigg boss 16 elimination. We have talked about different latest updates on Big Boss 16 eliminations List and other events of the show. We keep giving all the latest updates regarding the show on our blog. Readers who watch Big Boss regularly should keep visiting our website to know the latest update on the show. 041b061a72


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