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The latest Going Medieval update, Terraforming & Cats, is now available on Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG. Releasing only a month after the previous update, Terraforming & Cats adds terraforming, custom difficulty, new animals and behavior, and other tweaks and improvements. However, before you play the patch, you should disable any mods you might have installed. If you don't, your game might crash or refuse to start altogether, which would definitely prevent you from going medieval.

Going Medieval Crack Only

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Over the years, rates of crack use among blacks have only been slightly higher than among whites, but since whites are the majority of the population, most crack users are white. For example, in 2017, 4.5% of blacks and 3.9% of whites reported ever using crack in their lives, according to the federal drug use survey.

Sometimes, it can feel like the list of home improvements, DIY jobs and general sprucing up tasks that need to be completed in your home is only getting longer. Things break over time or from overuse and certain objects or appliances may need upgrading or replacing. But when you spy a crack in a wall or ceiling, you may instantly panic. Luckily, most cracks are completely normal in all sorts of houses, even new builds, and are simply a sign that the house is settling. Other causes of cracks include change in temperature or humidity levels and vibrations from traffic if you live near a busy or fast road.

Most of the time you will need to apply more than one dip coat to full cover the nail (around 2-3 dips). However, if you apply your dip colors too quickly, the color will not dry or set properly and this will cause the powder to crack. Some dip powders are quick dry, like Fairy Glamor, but some are not. If you're using a quick dry dip powder you should only need to wait around 5 seconds before dipping again. But if you are not using a quick dry brand you'll need to wait a minute or two before applying another coat.

This is the most common fix for cracked dip nails. If the crack happened beneath your top coat, you're going to need to buff the surface away so that you can reach the crack. You can either use a nail file or a drill for this. Once you've removed the top layer you can apply your base coat over the crack and dip your finger in the same color again. The layer will become uneven--don't worry about this. Apply activator and let the layer dry before buffing it smooth. Then apply a thin layer top coat over the entire nail. Tada! Good as new.

It was the ancient Romans, however, who contributed the notion that a broken mirror would bring seven years of bad luck, since it was believed that only poor health would cause a mirror to crack, and the number seven was seen by the Romans as the number of years required to complete a full life-cycle of sickness and renewal. As a result, a broken mirror meant you were headed toward a death-spiral that might take seven years to pull yourself out of! But, then, those same Romans felt you could prevent that horrible outcome by gathering the broken pieces of the mirror and burying them by moonlight, so should we really trust them about all the bad luck stuff?

The most commonly shouted phrase after the crack is "Oh, my back!" but the trope itself isn't confined solely to spinal-lumbar complaints and can happen with any body part, bone or joint. Occasionally, this will even happen with younger characters if they move in very awkward positions.


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